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“The journey to the noted places not only adds a fresh aroma to your life but also helps to explore and serve the real joy of life.” Anonymous

If you have not been to San Pablo City but have heard about it, perhaps, you would wonder why it was dubbed the “City of Seven Lakes.” I have been in this city since I was two years old and I confess, I was able to tour these beautiful and fascinating lakes only during my first year of teaching in the public school way back 2008.

San Pablo City is a fascinating blend of natural beauties and timeless history. Hailed as the “City of Seven Lakes,” it lies in the height of the heart-shaped Province of Laguna, famous for its various products made from coconut, and nestles among the foothills of Mount Makiling, Mount Banahaw, and other mountains.

With a total land area of 21,400, it takes one to travel 90 minutes northwards to Manila and 60 minutes downwards to Lucena City. It also lies in the southern portion of the Province of Laguna and is accessible by roads connecting municipalities: in the west and northwest by Alaminos and Batangas; north by Calauan; east by Rizal and Nagcarlan; southeast by Tiaong and Dolores; and southwest by Lipa City.

San Pablo City is bestowed by nature with seven crater lakes, five rivers and eight creeks, which in its water abound carps, tilapia, ayungin, dalag and prawn.

There are things you can do to bounce back quickly from tiring games more than just taking time to relax. Now, sit back and relax as you enjoy a brief breath-taking tour of the beautiful city of San Pablo. Let us first take a visit of the most famous lake in my hometown – the SAMPALOC LAKE. Known as a ‘lake in the city,’ it has a 3.8-kilometer concrete road around it and is considered as one of the prime tourist spots in the city where people can enjoy jogging, walking, strolling, biking and driving. Mini parks beside the lakeshore built by civic groups are also an added attraction.

Our next destination is the CALIBATO LAKE. Located in Brgy. Sto. Angel, it has an area of 42.0 hectares and maximum depth of 135.0 meters. Since it has the greatest volume of water in storage, it supplies the city and nearby towns with abundant fish.

Let us keep on moving. We are now entering the vicinity of Brgy. San Lorenzo where PANDIN LAKE is found. It has an area of 20.5 hectares, a maximum depth of 63.0 meters. Pandin is considered ‘oligotrophic’ because of the abundant plant and fish life. It abounds with tilapia, hito, dalag, carp, shrimp, dulong, bituo and kuhol.

You’re not tired yet, are you? This time, I am going to take you to another lake which is also located in Brgy. San Lorenzo – the YAMBO LAKE, just adjacent to Pandin Lake. It has a normal surface area of 28.5 hectares and suitable for swimming, outings, and picnics. Tilapia, carp, catfish, bangus, shrimp, bituo, kuhol and ayungin grow in this lake.

After our visit of the Yambo Lake, I will now take you to our next destination – the BUNOT LAKE which is situated in Brgy. Concepcion. Only 4.5 kilometers away from the city proper, it is known for its cultured tilapia and fish pens for Nilotica fingerlings. It is real haven for nature lovers and ideal for swimming and relaxation.

Well, we are almost close to the end of our journey. We still have two more lakes to go. Are you now excited to know more about the next lake? All the way from Brgy. Concepcion, we are now approaching the barrio of Sta. Catalina where the 14-hectare MOHICAP LAKE is located. It is one of the main suppliers of water resources in the city.

Our tour will never be completed without our glance of the last lake in the itinerary. Let us explore the wonders of PALAKPAKIN LAKE. With an area of 4.3 hectares, it has a maximum depth of 7.5 meters. Residents around the lake reckon an income from fish pens and fish cages that grow cultured tilapia and silver carps.

Surely, our expedition of San Pablo City did not only give you an awe-inspiring and an exciting sightseeing camaraderie. Folks, welcome to the City of Seven Lakes! (Michelle B. Banca, Santisimo Rosario NHS, Division of San Pablo City)

Source: Calabarzon: The Heroes ( The Official Publication of the 2018 Regional Sports Competitions)

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