Stepping Ahead into Senior High School

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Santisimo Rosario National High School Early Implementation
agri2When an educational institution commits itself to a healthier curriculum, learning has become more than just composting and mere planting.

As the nation gears up for Senior High School, Santisimo Rosario National High School in San Pablo City has already begun its quest towards the last stage of BEP K to 12 Curriculum. Changes, as expected by many, have become remarkable as the school implemented the first Grade 11 in the city this year. With 26 students, the school offers Agri-Fishery specializing in Crop Production and Organic Farming.
To upgrade the national educational status per se, the Department of Education’s mission, vision and objectives has become clearer through the implementation of K to 12 Program which aims to develop Filipinos with the needed skills which will make every student ready for employment, entrepreneurship, business, middle level skills development and for higher education after graduation.

Luckily, as others may look at it, Santisimo Rosario National High School is one of the four (4) public schools in the Division of San Pablo City that will be offering senior high school next school year. San Pablo City Science High School and San Jose National High School will offer Academic Track, and a stand-alone school exclusively for Grades 11 and 12 (Senior High) will handle the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Track.

agriFor now, SRNHS has already yielded produce such as petchay, mustasa, carrots, labanos, pepino, cherry tomato, talong, okra, basil and lettuce, all grown organically. All crops are sown inside the school garden. These things have made the school greener, but being ‘greener’ doesn’t just mean composting or making the school looks green but bringing planting in each and every student’s pot how momentous and substantial this curriculum in their lives and in the community be.   Also, free will has risen as Grade 11 students participated in the construction of vertical garden and in the digging of a 400 m2. fish pond.

Though more complexities are recognized, some significant institutions extend arms and hands to make the curriculum cum learning possible. The Division Office has offered all the technical requirements for the k-12 curriculum implementation while the Department of Agriculture has pledged a vermiculture and shredder which would become very beneficial for student’s agricultural activities. In addition, the city government has also vowed a one hectare of land, a green house, supplies and materials for agriculture and a backhoe to hasten the completion of the fishpond the soonest possible.

With only 9 months left before the full implementation of senior high school, there are still a lot of things to be done and lots of materials are needed to prepare the school for the next school year. Nonetheless, SRNHS with the help of its stakeholders continues to seek for varied means on how to make the program all out and have these as opportunities to look at existing subject through another lens.


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