INSET Evaluation Goes Online

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evalFor the first time in the history of DepEd San Pablo City, the Semestral In-Service Training for Teachers utilized the power of social media and the internet in its online evaluation of all sessions, workshops, and the on-site and program evaluations of all the learning areas. But it was not a walk in the park to realize this long desired dream.

Through the initiative of the School Management Monitoring and Evaluation Section, the Google Forms application was thoroughly studied and ways to better facilitate the evaluation were given thoughtful considerations.

In the procedure suggested by the Regional Human Resource Development Section, having a Google account was a requirement to all the participants for them to be able to accomplish the online form. But such requirement could discourage or confuse the participants in the new evaluation scheme. And so, an easier and user-friendly procedure was designed.

Taking advantage of the high number of teachers having Facebook account, the online evaluation used the Facebook Group applications. Two Facebook Group Pages were created; the “DepEd San Pablo 2015 Semestral INSET for Teachers” and the “Monitoring & Evaluation Results of the DepEd San Pablo Semestral INSET”. The former contained the links for the evaluation forms, while the latter contained the links for the summary of the responses. It would only take a participant less than a minute to accomplish the online form, since it was just an “Open-Answer-Submit” procedure. And to achieve 100% response rate, a Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator from each learning area was assigned.

The M & E coordinators were oriented about the online evaluation procedures two weeks before the training. A mock online evaluation was conducted and the different report templates were presented to them. An open line of communication was established with them through text messaging, phone calling and online chatting. Their tasks included the orientation and guiding of participants relative to the evaluation procedures, accomplishment of the daily on-site evaluations, and submission of evaluation reports to the concerned supervisors. Through their assistance, the division gained a lot of benefits from this innovative project.

Gone were the days when piles of papers were used and tiring days were spent in encoding responses from training participants. With the online evaluation, timely feedbacks were given to session facilitators, speakers and the program management team. In effect, concerns and suggestions were immediately conveyed and acted upon.

The online evaluation of the recently concluded semestral in-service training for teachers was just first of the many more to come. Its impact can be summarized by this comment from one of the participants, “This is the most exciting INSET/seminar I have ever attended. Imagine, an on-line evaluation? Ha ha, it only means that we must be in touch with the changing world…we have to keep up with technology. The collaborative and inquiry-based learning approaches will be useful if put to practice… and not to forget to localize and contextualize the stories and personalities in the learning materials for the students’ better grasp of the ideas we want to convey. To the DepEd San Pablo City-Division Office, Hurray, Good Job!”

Indeed, the online evaluation is one way of becoming a 21st Century Teacher.

-By Ryan L. Race

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